My Oslo experience

I recently went to Oslo and if I had to describe it in one word, I would say COLD! At every point, I felt like my fingers would fall off because of the cold.

Nabeeeda in the cold
What the cold did to me…

But no matter what the weather and how I felt, I still managed to do a few different things and enjoy my freezing time in Oslo. It was a beautiful sight when I first landed, I noticed everything was covered in snow. I felt a little cold just seeing that, but it was just so beautiful… The kind of beauty that even my camera couldn’t capture properly.

Snowy OSlo

Me on a cold dayThis was one trip I really didn’t plan. With no particular idea in my mind, I just explored. Maybe not my brightest idea considering how cold it as and walking around wasn’t ideal. But I discovered some pretty places and saw the city in its most beautiful Christmas form.

They had the cutest Christmas Market with the weirdest talking Moose. I remember being a little scared when I first saw it but it was quite nice sitting next to a fire and drinking a hot drink while listening to that Moose sing.

I went to the Nobel peace center which I will be doing a separate post on itself. The experience was just so amazing and touched me on an emotional level. You could get a guided tour through your phone and go through the history of the prizes and the winner. A really interesting space. Tell the world about us

I also tried going to museums but as my trip was done around the Christmas period, many places were closed. But I did the typical blogger thing and took pictures anyway. Atleast I have been there, even if it was just the outside.Closed Musuem

From visiting the Opera house to the Theatre to the Town Hall, I explored a lot. Honestly, there is something about Oslo. It is an absolutely beautiful place, it would definitely be better in the summer and I would totally love to visit again.

If you have been to Oslo before then let me know what you thought of it?

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